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Model SC66 Clamp Meter with NCV

Non-contact voltage Push the NCV button to activate the LED and beeper when the NCV tab is near AC voltage. Non-contact voltage sensitivity optimized for 24VAC. It's sensitive enough for 24VAC for use with thermostat controls.
Temperature Plug the K-type thermocouple in and read temperature directly in F. Because no adapter is required, temperature readings will always be accurate, even when the ambient temperatures change fast.
Microamps For flame rectifier diode tests.
Capacitance For motor-run capacitors

Fieldpiece Model LT17 Digital Multimeter FieldpackModel LT17 Digital Multimeter Fieldpack

Includes LT17 meter with rubber holster, leads, thermocouple, current clamp and case

Temperature compensation on internal ceramic substrate measures temperatures accurately, even when ambient temperatures are changing fast. K-type thermocouple plugs directly into meter. No adapter required. Measures amps three ways: 200A range for flame rectifier diodes; 20mA range for 4-20mA loops; current clamp for currents to 300AAC with up to 0.1A resolution. Use the current clamp for remotely measuring current on hard to reach wires.
Volts, amps & ohms
Microamps: for flame rectifier diodes
Temperature: +/- 1F with ice bucket calibration
Capacitance: for motor start/motor run capacitors
Frequency: for variable frequency drives

Model HS26 Heavy Duty Stick Digital MultimeterModel HS26 Heavy Duty Stick Digital Multimeter

The "Stick" meter fills the needs of field service technicians for small size, ease of use, versatility, ruggedness, and safety. It fits easily in your hand, tool kit, or pocket and has the right functions and ranges, all in a Heavy Duty design. It can be easily used with one hand: use the alligator clip to connect one test lead to ground.

For safety, use either the MAX hold or HOLD to freeze the display so you can keep your eyes and hands on the test point. The LED and beeper will warn you when you touch a voltage over 30V. One hand in your pocket, your eyes on the test point. Thats testing safely!
Volts, ohms, continuity
Capacitance: measures motor start/run capacitors
Easy to use: convenient testing of wall or floor mounted equipment. Hold meter in palm and easily reach all controls without obstructing LCD
Rugged: Valox housing to withstand mechanical abuse: "O" rings to keep contamination out; MOVs for transient voltage protection
Safe: LED and beeper warn of high voltage; convenient one or two hand testing
Max hold: captures largest reading

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