State of Texas A/C License Prep-Course

Texas Air Conditioning License Preparation Courses are held approximately every 3 months.
The Classes are once per week (Friday's at 5:30pm) for 5 weeks and last approximately 2 - 3 hours per night.
The cost of the class is $499.00

Books for the class must be purchased from Transtar A/C Supply at the time of registration. The following books are required:
Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning $55.93
                       Uniform Mechanical Code $91.72
                                    Texas Boiler Law $19.00

This course assumes that the students possess a complete understanding of air conditioning and refrigeration and have a minimum of 3 years a/c experience.

Registration Form - June 25th, 2004 Class





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The check's in the mail. Make checks payable to: Transtar A/C Supply, Inc., and mail to 1145A Hwy. 90A, Missouri City, TX  77489.
I'll be in to pay. Payment may be by check, cash, or credit card at any of our seven branch locations.  We do not accept American Express.  Payment must be received five days prior to the class date.




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