747 Refrigerant Leak Detector 

The 747 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector makes leak detection quick, easy and affordable. Use the 747 to find refrigerant leaks in Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pumps, Commercial Refrigeration Systems/Lines, Refrigerator and Freezer Coils.

Versatile & Flexible: Automatically detects all existing refrigerants and blends, including 404A.
Pinpoints the Leak: Eliminates background concentration with the fully adjustable tick rate.
Pinpoints Small Leaks: Sensitivity as low as 0.5 ounces per year.
Easy to Use: One hand operation. Visual indication of power, tick rate and low battery. Optional ear phone available.
Long Life: Three "C" cell batteries provide 24 hour continuous use. Extra sensor included.
Sensor Type: Corona Discharge. Spare sensor included.


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